Waking up in America on transfer window deadline day is like waking up on Christmas but finding out that Santa delivered all the toys you wanted to a bunch of kids you don’t like, and actually took some of your old toys to give to them too. 

I’m not American but this is so true =)

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Juan & Angel

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Thanks for the nomination to the #alsicebucketchallenge @jariise3 @anton_shipulin @susannewergeland. I nominate @tarjei_boe @eielando and @henriklabee! I encourage everyone to also donate money for the research of ALS.

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Juan Mata icons for Twitter | credit as @frnklamprd if you use
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Completed my first half marathon =)

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Martin Fourcade shooting challenge

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Fernando Torres + Soundtrack

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I believe in hard work, in team work and team effort, in sacrifice, in well-grounded and well-founded ambition, in respect, in the values I’ve tried to stick to since I was 10 years old. There have been times in my career where these values haven’t led me to success, but when they have, that’s when I felt it has really been worth it. It’s what I was taught and it’s the only way I know how to go on about things. Through work, sacrifice, selflessness, without ever intending to be better than anyone else. That’s what’s got me here, and that’s what I hope to teach my children in the future.

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Fernando Torres does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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“I’ve been very lucky to have Juan by my side. He’s led the way for me. He saw everything more objectively than I did and helped me when I needed it the most.” - Fernando Torres

“To me Fernando is more than just a teammate, he’s a friend, a truly great person. You might think he’s a great striker, but as a person he’s much better.” - Juan Mata